Testimony of Sis. Anna G. Farmer. Given in her 87th year by e-mail.

   I gave my heart to the Lord in September, 1958. My husband, and I were baptized
September 14, 1958. At that time we attended service in an Apostolic Pentecostal church.
The pastor of that assembly would often say "this will do until that comes
along". My husband, and I hungered for more. When we heard about Bro. William
Branham's teachings we went to see. There, we discovered the "that" mentioned
by the Pentecostal pastor had arrived. Bro. Branham's teachings were what we had been
yearning for. The first of the meetings we attended with Bro. Branham was in 1961. Four
other families became followers of the Message, after that first meeting. Thank God, our
eyes were opened to the Truth.
The ministry of the Pentecostal church began preaching against us. This cause us to
depart from the assembly. We drove 321 miles to attend services in Jeffersonville,
Indiana. Finally in 1964 we heard of a group of Christian believers in Chicago, Illinois.
When Bro. Branham was preaching in Jeffersonville, we would drive there to hear the
sermons he gave.
On July 18, 1965 we were present when Bro. Branham preached Spiritual Food In Due Season.
I was in the prayer line after the sermon due to a female problem I was having. We had
four children, but wanted another one. Bro. Branham told me of the female problem I was
having. HE told me to go and believe. Nine months, and ten days later, my youngest child
John Daniel was born. We fill he is a miracle baby. John Daniel is serving the Lord, and
is a deacon in a church in Zion, Illinois.
This is not the only healing my family, and I have received from the Lord Jesus Christ.
There is a healing testimony of our son Forest Farmer who is a minister of the End Time
Message in a church in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.
In a meeting in Chicago, Illinois,  April 1961 Bro. Branham spoke my husband's name and
told him he was praying for his child and his feet. Forest,
at six years of age was healed of a condition of which the doctors said he would not
Forest would be glad to give the testimony to anyone who would like to hear it.
Again, my husband was called in the message The Odd Ball, preached in Jeffersonville,
Bro. Branham told him his mother had a spot on her breast.
He said she feared it was cancer. Bro. Branham's then said it is cancer.
Then my husband was told that his brother had back trouble, and was an alcoholic. My
mother in law was healed of the cancer.
We were in the services when Bro. Way was resurrected from the dead, and we were present
when the Seals were preached.
I know Hebrews 13:8 is the truth. I have been healed to many times not to believe in
healing today.     

in addition:
Bro. Forest said his father went to the meeting as a skeptic. However, after the
discernment, and healing of his feet, his father left as a believer.