Africa (2010)



Pastor Leo Mityana, Uganda East Africa. This printer was provided for this assembly in February of 2010. The update C Dís were received in November 2010. Funds are needed to keep the church supplied with printing materials.

"Shalom Bro Frank.
God bless you so much for this provision.
Very good news here, I have received the Message Hub CDs, and we checked them they are working and we watched a bit of them, oh my they are so edifying, may God richly bless you for all your efforts for His Bride.
Bro Leo"


Bro. Leo, and other ministers involved in missions  in Uganda. They desperately need supplies and support for missions activities.


One of the missionary services . Note the facility they have constructed for the worship service.

The congregation of Happy  Valley Church of Jesus Christ, Paynesville, Liberia, West Africa.
The newly built HVC of Jesus Christ.
A portion of the congregation for the Sunday morning dedication service October 31, 2010.
Seven of the pastors of the thirteen assemblies in Liberia. Note the youth of these ministers. The eldest of them being  forty four years of age. The Message came to Liberia in 1989. One year prior to the beginning of a devastation fourteen year civil war.  Perhaps the last  nation in Africa to receive the Message.  These men are in desperate need of  prayer, supplies, and support for the evangelism of the country.

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