Altar of Fire Photo

Read what Brother Branham Said about the Altar of Fire Photo

E-61 059 And I thought, if... I've always been ashamed of my faith. But people, as good as the Lord has been, He has showed things, told visions; everything has been perfect. You people know that. It's not a individual. It's not a man. It's God that does it. And this picture here, how it's went over the world. The ones in Germany... And here a few weeks ago (Maybe a stranger is here never seen it.), they caught another one. I got it at home. It's the profile of the Lord Jesus standing right behind where I was standing. And His hands are out and tongues of fire are flying off from His hands, while I was speaking on the subject, "Say To This Mountain Be Moved And Don't Doubt In Your Heart, But Believe." And we've got it. It's in Techni--KodaChrome color. And we've got it at the home now. And they're making... It's been examined now by science and so forth in laboratories. It'll be out pretty soon. Another one, which makes about six of them now in different places that's been took. This is the most outstanding of all of them. Never seen... There's His--His beard, His face, His profile, His arms hanging out. And I was standing right in like this and where He's got His arms, you can't even see a place of Him like that. My head, then my feet down at the floor; just head and feet, that's all there was left. See? And He--He's standing with His arms right like this, and I've got my hands out like this a preaching, saying, "Say to this mountain." And about that time something took place, and they snapped the picture of it like that. And there it was behind. All in color. And a big...