* WHY.I'M.AGAINST.ORGANIZED.RELIGION_ JEFF.IN V-12 N-1 SUNDAY_ 62-1111E  ///   Born again means a new birth from above, birth from above. Then we are active in the things from above. Oh, my. For It is Himself acting in His Word through you >>>


*  COMMUNION_  TUCSON.AZ  V-8 N-4  SUNDAY_  65-1212
  44    Like in the Book here, and the spot there we was talking about the--the two Books being One, the Book of Life. The first Book of life coming up, was when you were born, that was your natural birth. See? But then one time,
way back down in there, there was a little grain of Life   as I was explaining to some of the young sisters at the house this afternoon. See, there's a little grain of Life laying there, that you wonder, "Where did It come from? What--what these strange things?"

* 45    I was saying this, taking for myself, like you was going to say, "William Branham, well, forty years ago, the William Branham, it isn't the same one tonight." If somebody back there would say, "William Branham, he was a rank rascal," see, because I was born of Charles and Ella Branham. In their nature I was a sinner, I came to the world, a liar, and all the habits of the world laid right in me. But down in there, too, was another Nature present, see, predestinated, was in there by God. In this same body, see, two natures in there.
46    Well, I only catered to one. As it growed, I gooed as a baby, "Dad-da." First thing you know, I become a liar, become everything else that's a sinner, because I raised up that way.
But down in there was a little speck of Life all the time.

* THE TRUE VINE AND THE FALSE VINE 55-0607 E-9 And You get into the Word, if You will, Father. We know that the Holy Ghost feeds on the Word.

  164    Now, you notice those people who set and say, "Well, I accept the Lord." You take their word for it. I would too. I can't judge. God does. But in ten years from now, they've never progressed a bit, just staying right in the same old place. See?
We grow daily. Each day our heart hungers, keeps moving on.
There's something growing inside of you. Amen. You get bigger, spread out, can take more ter... Paul said, "When you..." Told the Corinthians church, said, "You're maturing growing. But when you ought to be teachers, you're still babes needing teaching (Is that right?) when you ought to be teachers," something in there growing out, pushing out, making bigger, the Holy Spirit, growing.
The new birth... If a birth is born from the outside, from the inside out, the child, it grows if it lives. If it doesn't, it remains. Is that right? Well, when a birth is on the inside, shouldn't it grow? The Christ in your heart ought to be growing daily, getting bigger, more powerful, understanding things better, forgiving, walking on as God would, till Christ be formed in you, the hope of glory

WE.HAVE.SEEN.HIS.STAR.AND.HAVE.COME.TO.WORSHIP.HIM_ TUCSON.AZ V-13 N-8 MONDAY_ 63-1216 111 /// Galatians 4:19, says that, "When Christ (the hope of Glory) formed, formed in you." Christ is being formed in you, when you are dying and Christ is coming to Life. Watch the persecution set in, watch trouble start on every hand, watch the Devil go on a rampage, certainly, when Christ is being formed in you.

QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.1_ JEFF.IN COD SUNDAY_ 64-0823M  945-Q-243 243.   Dear, Brother Branham, will all the sons and daughters of true, borned again believers be saved? No, brother; no, they sure won't. See, as I--as I copied David duPlessis on this remark, "God don't have grandchildren (See?), just sons and daughters." See, they'll have to be born just exactly like their father and mother was born of the Spirit. See? That's what makes a man a new person, is because he's born again, reborn. His first birth brings him a natural man on earth; his second birth brings him a spiritual man of heaven. See? It changes him, his soul, not his outward conscience, his outward being, his senses; he still feels, and smell, taste, and hear; but his inward parts, his desires, what motivates him, has been changed to God. See?


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