Hannah's Testimony


Sunday November 25th 2007

On Saturday Hannah came to me complaining with her mouth hurting and I thought it was her teeth at first.  I had her open up her mouth to look at her teeth and noticed a big blister on her tongue, that is when I knew that it was not her teeth, but it was her tongue.  I did not know what had caused the blister.  I just thought that maybe it was a type of canker sore.  That night she wined quite a bit in her sleep.  I knew that she was in pain and gave her some Motrin.  Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church.  She wined when she would try to eat or drink.  When we got to church she sat with Sister Clara while I had my son Malachi.  I was in the nursery with him when Sister Clara brought her back to me to change her pull-up.  It was at that time that Hannah showed me her hands and they had blisters all over them.  I started looking over the rest of her body and noticed more blisters on her mouth and face.  Sister Clara asked me what it could be and I said I don't know.  She said that she would see if sister Rissler would come in and look at it, maybe she would know what it might be.  She came in and looked at Hannah and the look on her face, I knew she knew what it could be. I asked her what it was and she said that she was not going to speak it, but Hannah needed prayer.  I started to cry.  Sister Rissler and Sister Clara decided to pray for her right there and afterwards Hannah and Sister Clara went back into service.  I was very scared and worried even though I knew she was healed no matter what she looked like.  Brother Prater began to end service and I came back to service, at that time Sister Clara had taken Hannnah  to my husband and said Hannah needed prayer so they went up to the front. Brother Dalton tapped me on the shoulder and asked if Malachi was still feeling bad and I said a little so I went up with Malachi.  When Brother Prater seen Hannah he called for everyone that believed to come up and gather around our family and have prayer. During the prayer, it was like a robe or a blanket of love that just dropped over us while we were praying. After prayer I went back to my seat and sat down.  After just a few minutes Brother Prater asked my husband to look at Hannah and tell him what he saw and my husband said all the blisters were gone.  Brother Prater asked him to come up and testify and show what God had done.  All the blisters were gone except for two small ones on her hand and they were gone by the next day. We want to praise the Lord for healing our baby daughter!