2009 Honduras Missions Update


  In April of 2009, Brothers James Miller, Rodney Butts, Daniel Black, and Stephen Carlon returned to Honduras, and visited Nicaragua.

They traveled to a number of meetings. Bringing back an exciting report of all they learned, and the fellowship they enjoyed.

   On e of the major reasons to return at this time was to visit the building project of Bro. Celso.

Hoping to meet up with him at a ministers meeting. However, Bro. Celso was unable to attend due to a illness.

   Bro. Miller left an offering on the building project with another pastor, Bro. Aquallis.

Soon we hope Bro. Aquallis will be visiting America.

At that time we hope to be able to get an update on the building project, and

perhaps some photographs of the project may be supplied.


Honduras Central America



In April of 2008, Brothers James Miller, and Frank Prater visited a number of assemblies in Honduras. While there, a burden was placed upon the hearts of these brothers to help Br. Celso, (see photograph), with the construction of a home with an area designated to be used for worship. 
   Bro. Celso gave a testimony that was heart touching. His brother in law had opened his heart to the Lord, and then opened his home to conducting church services. Then, the brother in law moved to America for employment purposes. Upon his return home, it was clear that there had been a change in the heart of this man. He no longer wanted church services conducted in his home, and now he was asking Bro. Celso, and his invalid mother to leave the home. Our heart was touched in a very deep way, as Bro. Celso gave this testimony.  
   After returning home, this burden was relayed  to the assembly of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle. Almost immediately the congregation began to respond with pledges to help. By the beginning of August, enough funds had been raised, or pledged to complete pay for the building supply's```````````````````````. 
   Due to the fact of the remote area in which Bro. Celso lives, communication is made via a transistor radio , and a radio program. Information is translated to him concerning the arrival of the offerings. Bro. Celso, then travels approximately 10 (ten) hours by mule, and hitch hiking. While he is visiting town, he may also use the time to charge the batteries by which he uses an M P 3 player to listen to the sermons given by Bro. William Branham, and batteries for the radio, etc.  Bro. Celso will report the progress of the building project by sending photographs.
   Please join with us as pray for this work in Honduras.

(Brother Celso)