Mexico (January 2010)


The following photographs were taken in the La Huasteca area of Mexico
where Bro. James, and Sis. Sharon Miller visited with the saints near
the village of Axtla. The pastor is Bro. Fortunato. This is the building
the saints of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle help build.


Our guide for this trip was Bro. Benjamin who had moved from the city of San Luis Potosi to a village near Axtla.


From left to right Bro. Fortunato, Bro. James Miller, Bro. Gerardo Estrella, Bro. Fortunato’s son.
Bro. Fortunato is receiving Message books delivered by Bro. Estrella. (Note the lighting).


Bro. Fortunato’s son leading song service.


Pastor Fortunato exhorting the congregation


Saints worship during the song service.


More worship: The presence of the Lord was moving wonderfully during this service.


Bro. and Sis. Miller visiting with Bro. and Sis. Prisciliano, another Message pastor in the Axtla area.


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