Mexico (November 2007)

We’ll work till Jesus comes …
“When will the moment come, When I shall lay my armor by, And dwell in peace at Home? We'll work till Jesus comes, We'll work till Jesus comes, We'll work till Jesus comes, And then we're gathered Home!”

William Branham, Believing God, February 24th, 1952   



May 2005, just before leaving for a Camp Meeting in Monterrey, Mexico, Bro. Prater made mention to the congregation of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle that he had a goal of meeting someone on this trip who was needing help in building a church building.
Our first stop in Mexico on this trip was in Nuevo Laredo. There we were to have a couple of meetings scheduled with Bro. Miguel Oviedo. Two of the first men we met as we arrived at the home of Bro. Oviedo, were Brothers Fortunato, and Priciliano.
Both of these men are from the La Huasteca area in San Luís Potosí, Mexico. Both of these brothers were involved in construction of a church building in their home area. The work was going slow, as these brothers are very poor, and needed help.



This photograph was taken in November, 2007. Brother and Sister Miller, and Brother Bryant Lane were helping on the church building which Bro. Fortunato was constructing.  Much of the funds contributed to the building of, and finishing the building were contributed by the Saints of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle.
We are looking forward to being in a dedication service for the church building soon.









One soul is worth a million worlds…

“But you got a soul inside of you, see, that's worth a million worlds, see."

                                                  William Branham, Influence, November 14th, 1963


May 2006, just before leaving for a Camp Meeting in Mexico, Bro. Prater made mention to some of the brothers in the assembly that he hoped the missions efforts for Mexico would develop into more than just the Camp Meeting in Monterrey. With that thought in mind we made our journey to the camp meeting. While we were there, Bro. Estrella asked Bro. Prater if he would be interested in sponsoring a convention in the La Huasteca area in San Luís Potosí, Mexico.
Was this an answer to the desire Bro. Prater had concerning the Mexico meetings? Perhaps so…
A convention was scheduled for November, of 2006. This convention may be considered as a successful meeting. There were a number of Message believers from far and wide in attendance. However, this was not where the main focus of the meeting seemed to be.
There were six denominational pastors in attendance with their congregations. From this group four showed an interest in further understanding of the Message of the Hour. In November 2007, Brother and Sister Miller, and Bro. Bryant Lane returned to the same area, and visited with some of the Message pastors who sponsored the meeting. They then were introduced to a minister who continues to show an interest in the Message. He and the congregation he pastors, continues to express a desire to hear more of the Word of God, and what God is doing in these last days to give the Bride rapturing faith. One pastor, and his congregation still showing an interest in the Message of the Hour. This is not at all discouraging. We still consider the 2006 November meeting as a very successful one. We may never have met many of the believers we had fellowship with in the convention had we not went to the La Huasteca meetings.  This photograph is of Brother José Fortunato Manuel, the pastor who is showing interest in the Message of the hour, as he gives his testimony to Brothers James Miller, and Bryant Lane.



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