Brother Miller on a typical 3-wheeler used to transport people both for hire and for family.


This college campus near Chinandega, Nicaragua was rented for a five day youth retreat.


The youth from Tegucigalpa, Honduras joined the youth in Nicaragua and played some beautiful music.

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The North American brothers who spoke at the youth retreat; interpreter: Brother James Miller, evening speaker: Brother Lindsey McGrady, morning speaker: Brother Danny Funk.


The "last supper".  The youth and some of the adults worked very hard to prepare a very special meal for the last day of the retreat.  It was very nice.


Another youth retreat begins that also lasted about 5 days in a mountainous area known as Manchones.

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The youth thoroughly enjoyed the music and singing after the evening services.

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Brother Mike Severt speaks for the youth with Brother Sandy Beach as his interpreter.


Several ministers came to the services in the mountain, brought their youth and gave their support.


Interpreter: Brother Joel Cubias, minister: Brother Mike Severt, host pastor: Brother Venancio, interpreter: Brother James Miller, interpreter: Brother Sandy Beach.


The goody-byes were very difficult and tears were shed.  We had to leave before the baptismal service for the eleven youth that accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.


Sister Judith Montiel, daughter of Pastor Pedro Montiel, sings some choruses for the American believers that want to learn the Spanish versions.

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Pastor Pedro Montiel purchases a large papaya at the market for the family and his visitor, Brother Miller.



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