The Testimony of  Omar ( as of  7 December , 2007).
   Omer was born 2 years ago with a split in his lower spine. I have put him on the prayer list from after he was born. His mother Natasha fell pregnant while she was in Cairo Egypt, where she worked. Natasha decided to come back to South Africa and Omar was born in South Africa while back at her parents. Natasha's Mother is Petro, a cousin of mine.
   Omar was very ill from the start. God answered so many prayers. After numerous operations and skin transplants the split was repaired.
   From birth the doctors also diagnosed that Omar was paralyzed and that he would not be able to use his legs. The doctors also  said  he had excess fluid on his brain.
 More operations followed and by Gods Grace they implanted a tube in his brain that was able to drain the excess brain fluid through his stomach.  
 You have received some pictures of Omar where he is sitting. The doctors diagnosed that he would not be able to even get to sit on his own.
   Please keep Omar on the prayer list for more miracles to happen to him. He will be having his first wheelchair soon.
I love Jesus and thank Him for so many things in my own life.