TURKEY (2010)



This is the equipment at  the radio station in Istanbul, Turkey which was used to broadcast Bro. Branhamís voice from August 2004, until 2010.

Western tourists are easily discernable at the many large, and elaborate mosques in  Istanbul.
Message Believers from Iran, living in Turkey.
In Ephesus, imagine the spiritual impact of setting in a seat, as one looks toward the stage where Apostle Paul may have preached a sermon which turned the city into an uproar.
is the baptistery in the church of Saint John. Note the unkempt condition of the facilities. Perhaps due in part to the Christian nature of the facilities.
This is how a Turkish newspaper identifies the location of the apartment of a Christian who conducts church services in their home.

fitting that in the home of Christians in the City of Denizili (Laodicea) we find this photograph.  After spending  twelve hours in their home, they have an understanding of this photograph. The city has a population of 500,000. There are only eight known Christians in the city.

Laodicea, the ancient city lays in ruins due to a series of devastating earthquakes. Is this what the Lord has in mind for the Spiritual Laodicea?

A Christian evangelist with a burden for his countrymen.  We spent two days with this brother, and as we prepared to get on the bus which would begin our journey home, he asked that we spend more time explaining the Message of the Hour. We are glad to report that as of December 2010, he is still seeking these truths.

Christians Refugees from Iran, in Turkey in their way to a western nation.

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